Residential, Agricultural and Commercial Land Development Services

Richard H. Thompson is a private consulting civil engineer and president of RHT Engineering, Inc. Located in the fast growing Southwest Florida area, Richard is an ideal choice for developers in need of governmental permitting assistance, comprehensive stormwater management design and other land development services. Richard utilizes his training and experience as a former South Florida Water Management Regulatory Supervising Engineer for Lee, Collier, Hendry, Glades and Charlotte counties and as an agricultural development engineer to effectively assist and solve problems for his clients.

Richard H. Thompson, P.E. is a Qualified Expert Witness in ERP Rules, Stormwater Management and SFWMD rules and criteria and is a DEP Certified Stormwater Management Inspector.

Utilizing cutting edge technology and a wide network of professional resources Richard Thompson is able to offer his clients efficient, high quality and personalized technical services.

***Experienced in all phases of stormwater and land development permitting and design.

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